Ticketbooth Payment Plans

Make it even easier for fans to attend your event

Remove Financial Barriers for Fans
Ensure your event is accessible for all your fans, with Ticketbooth’s Payment Plans. By utilising our Book Now, Pay Later feature, your customers can place an order for tickets and spread their payments into more manageable amounts to pay over time.

Boost Ticket Sales 
The option to purchase tickets at a lower initial cost can lead to significant increase in sales. Infact, we’ve seen up to 30% of event attendees opting to use payment plans for past events across multiple industries, signalling genuine interest from event-goers.

Deploying Payment Plans will not only secure commitment from fans and drive sales, it’ll guarantee positive brand perception prior to your event.

How does it work?
When purchasing tickets from your dedicated event page, your customers will be prompted with the option to select Book Now, Pay Later. If chosen, they’ll pay only a fraction of the total at the time of purchase, but their credit card information will be stored and automatically billed on predetermined future dates. Only when the entire balance of the order has been paid will your customers receive their order.

Ticketbooth will automatically manage your customer’s payment schedule, so there is no additional administration for you to think about.


With Ticketbooth’s Payment Plans, you hand your customers more control over their ticket payments and increase your sales, without spending any additional time, money or resources.

For more information on offering Payment Plans for your next event, contact [email protected]

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