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Online Ticket Sales

A professional event ticketing solution, big possibilities.

Ticketbooth provides you with all the tools you need to process secure online ticket sales, with event pages designed to make the ticket purchase process simple on all devices backed by powerful cloud based infrastructure and constantly tested security.

Online Ticket Sales iMac

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Simple For Customers

We’ve removed mandatory sign up to increase patron on boarding and reduce dropouts.

Easy Delivery Options

Choose your fulfillment type- e-ticket, registered post, mobile ( sms ) delivery and start selling online.

Serious Security

Ticketbooth boast some of the highest security in the industry with full PCI compliance.

Patron Support

From lost ticket requests through to finding out more event information. Our support team works around the clock to help.

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Online ticket sales, your way.

Ticketbooth makes it easy to manage your event’s online ticket sales from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re running an event for 40 people or 40,000 Ticketbooth will provide you with the tools and the support to manage your ticket sales from your onsale right through to closing.

Stay In Control

Ticketbooth gives you full control of your ticket sales, from posting events, changing prices and inventories to processing refunds all fully accessible when you need it.

Branded Online Ticketing System

Start selling tickets in minutes.

A simple 3 step wizard allows you to fully create and post an event ready for sales in minutes, helpful notes guide you through the process ensuring everything is ready to go when sales open.

Sell Different Price Levels

Create a price level with just a few clicks allowing you to sell VIP, General Admission or even seated tickets. Ticketbooth allows fine grained detail like limited tickets per order, different box office prices and hidden tickets from public.

Bundle Tickets To Entice Fans

Offer discounts to groups and families with bundle tickets. Simply decide which tickets you'd like to include, set a new price and any additional questions and you're done.

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Manage Your Event Anytime, Anywhere.

Ticketbooth being web based makes it available around the clock, no special hardware or software is required to put an event on sale. Backed by our constantly tested cloud stack you can rest at ease knowing your events are safe.

Don't Compromise Sales

Make changes to event descriptions or ticketing inventories without pausing or stopping your ticket sales. Perfect for last minute changes or adding clarification to descriptions.

Trigger Automatic Changes

Use Ticketbooth triggers to provide automatic time based changes to ticket inventories and pricing.

Ticketbooth Admin Panel - Displaying Ticketing Sales

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Event Ticketing Sellers Overview Page

Amazing Event Listing Pages

Our template design wizard makes it easy for you to quickly customise your event pages, even if you have no programming knowledge.

Ticketbooth Design Team

Not comfortable designing your own page? We have staff on hand to help design and customise your event pages for you.

Responsive Page Design

All event pages are designed to look great on desktop, tablet and mobile, ensuring that whatever device your customers are on they can purchase tickets hassle free.

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Sell Merchandise Alongside Your Tickets

Ticketbooth makes it easy to sell merchandise alongside your tickets, completely with size and SKU management, making product fulfillment easy.

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Quickly edit and make changes to your event

The dashboard gives you easy access to edit and change your event’s setup while also allowing you to see individual sales statistics. Make changes on the fly and have it reflected to ticket buyers instantly.

Change Event Descriptions

Make last minute changes or errors in your description with a full WYSIWG editor. Allowing you to add youtube, souncloud and vimeo to enhance your event ticketing page copy.

Change Ticketing Allocations and Pricing

Need to add another release or change your capacities? No problem, a few clicks and your event page will be automatically updated.

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Find out more about your attendees.

Ticketbooth makes capturing important data from your attendees easier than ever before. Custom questions allows you to specify questions to ask attendees, based on their choice of event and even ticket type, allowing you to ask those all important questions for market research and your event’s development.

Simplified Reporting

Once you’ve captured all that data Ticketbooth makes it easy to export it into reports and stores the questions against your customer’s profile in your CRM.

Ask attendees custom questions when purchasing tickets.

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Event Ticketing Admin - Advanced Settings Page

Finely Tuned Ticket Sales.

Use our advanced settings to make dozens of changes like the text shown on receipts, widgets on the event page, sale barcodes and custom shipping text. With the ability to fine tune every aspect of the ticketing process you can ensure fans have a seamless experience throughout.

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Ticketbooth is the solution for online ticket sales.

Ticketbooth powers thousands of events Europe wide, with millions of tickets sold each year.

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