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Why Use Online Ticketing  For Nightclubs?

Build Customer Database
In order to have huge crowds attend your Night Club events you need to compile a database of the most likely attendees.

Custom Branding
Cookie cutter solutions don’t work. TicketBooth offers the most tailored experience imaginable.

Pre-sales on Big Nights
The best way to handle stressful nights and sellout crowds is to take care of customers before they are at the door.

Fully Customised Ticketing
Use either our professional scanning equipment available, or use your very own smart phone.

Make More Money

Using TicketBooth helps any nightclub generate more revenue:

No More Guess Work
Know exactly how many people are going to be attending the venue. Be better prepared to handle your events.
Access to Ticket Revenue
Have immediate access to ticket purchase revenues. We can directly deposit ticket funds into your bank account so that you can actually use it when you need it.
More Accurate Record Keeping
Online Ticketing for Nightclubs allows you to build a more accurate record of all attendees from events your Nightclub hosted.

Safe and Fast through the Door

When your number one priority for any event is Safety and Security, Ticketbooth helps:

Smooth and Professional
The faster your event goers are in, the faster they can have fun. Help your events earn a strong reputation.

Simple For Club Staff
Ticketbooth’s scanning software is so simple it can be used by anyone, you staff will love you for it, and you can rest easy knowing only legitimate ticket holders are being admitted.

Ticket Scanning Speed
No need to rent or buy expensive equipment.  All of our systems work from the comfort of a smart phone.

Complete Control of Ticketing Operations

Ticketbooth gives your venue complete oversight and control of your ticketing operations including:

All attendees have Accurate Information
Online Ticketing for Nightclubs allows Clubs to provide patrons with all important lineups and pricing beforehand, ensuring a smooth event.

Rules and Policies for your Club
Dress codes, parking information, opening and closing times, bathroom locations, general knowledge, and more can all be provided with our ticketing systems.

Email Ticket Buyers
No more late or no show ticket holders. With our email solutions, you can remind everyone of the important details for the event.

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