Manage hundreds of performances with
one powerful and easy to use
ticketing platform

Manage Memberships
The Ticketbooth system includes ready-made membership features that can make your event feel exclusive

Pick Your Own Seat
Our robust ticketing system enables people to pick their perfect seat, that way, they are always happy with the view

Reserved Seating
Use our reserved seating coupon codes to hold important seats for groups or individuals

Box Office for Theater
Accept last minute payments directly at the door of your event with our secure box office solution

Stunning Ticketing Peformance

Match the beauty of the show with the beauty of the ticketing experience.

Scan in quickly
Avoid long wait times and get people into the show quickly. The more time they have to enjoy the show, the more likely they’ll come back.
Professional Support
If you ever run into any problems, Ticketbooth specialist are always standing by to assist you.
Real-time Reporting
Get all the information you need at the tip of your fingers. Our real time tracking app lets you know what you want, when you want it.

Grow your audience

Building strong customer connections is the easiest way to have sell-out events.

Build an Email List
Our platform automatically collects and organises your customer’s emails and enables you to use them for future marketing efforts.
Reward Social Sharing
Instead of relying on luck, use incentives to ramp up the sharing of your event between customers.
Cross Promote Events
Art lovers are always looking for a way to discover new things, Ticketbooth allows you to help them by promoting other great events.

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