Introducing Agent

Ever wondered what you could achieve in a day if only you could shed monotonous and repetitive tasks? With you in mind, Ticketbooth has developed a tool that lets you set up automatic actions within your Admin Dashboard. We’d like you to meet Agent, your round-the-clock assistant designed to make your life easier.

Using Agent you can automate sections of your workflow by setting tasks to be performed based on activity within your Ticketbooth account. It’s as simple as setting up rules and actions to direct the Ticketbooth system to perform tasks without your interaction.


There are countless tasks you could automate, but here are a few examples:


Automatic Sales Updates to your Inbox

If you want to know, for example, when your ticket inventory drops below 100 tickets, you can set Agent to automatically notify you via email or text when the conditions of this rule have been met. You no longer have to manually check in your Ticketbooth account, and it’s one less thing to think about in the run up to your event.


Make Informed Decisions Using Sophisticated Data Insights

Set up performance automations, so you receive alerts when there’s a spike in traffic to your event page. This information will help your marketing team attribute ticket sales to a particular marketing activity, so they can make proactive and informed decisions on future campaigns and budget spend.


Real-Time Updates on Event Day

Live updates on the number of tickets scanned can make your life much easier on event day from an operational perspective. Set up SMS or email alerts that fire when a specific number of tickets have been scanned. Knowledge is power when you’ve got a million things to think about.


Update Ticket Price Based on Inventory

Streamline your task management by setting up Agent to increase the ticket price when there is only 10% of the ticket inventory remaining.

Built as a simple automation tool, Agent has a wide spectrum of possibilities. At its core, Agent automates actions in your Ticketbooth account to lighten your workload, and streamline your operations.

If you would like to find out more about utilizing Agent, contact your Account Manager or if you’re interested in getting started with Ticketbooth, contact [email protected].


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