How To Search Customers Using Scanfast

Use the Search tool to locate scan data for customers, attendees, orders, IDs and barcodes. After locating an order, you can view the current scan status and manually check tickets in or out.

Tap the Search field and enter any of the following information to locate the ticket(s):

  • Customer Name
  • Name on Ticket / Attendee Name
  • Confirmation Number
  • Sale ID
  • Barcode

Once you have located the order, you have a few options:

  • Tap CHECK IN ALL to validate all tickets at once.
  • Tap individual tickets and tap CHECK IN on each to select the tickets that you want to validate at this time.
  • Tickets that have already been validated will display with a line crossed through the ticket holder name. Tap the ticket and tap CHECK OUT to check out the ticket.
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